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Window Preservation Alliance


Restoring historic windows and doors is more than just a job at Bagala Window Works. It’s how we help our customers and take care of our cultural heritage, environment and community. Our values guide our work, whether we’re tuning up one sticky old double-hung window or preserving hundreds in a national historic landmark:


Your original wood windows and doors have been gracing your historic building for decades. There aren’t many things these days that last that long. That’s a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship and materials that went into your building. At Bagala Window Works, we strive to match that quality and craftsmanship, by:

  • practicing traditional techniques,

  • using old-growth and time-tested materials,

  • using best practices in historic preservation,

  • applying proven new methods and materials to enhance the value and durability of our restorations.



We believe in being good stewards of both our cultural heritage and the environment. That means we strive to:

  • preserve historic buildings wherever possible,

  • improve the energy efficiency of historic windows and doors in ways that are sensitive to preserving historic value, and,

  • use environmentally safe products, methods and processes in our preservation and restoration work.



We enjoy helping our customers meet the unique needs of their buildings in ways that work for them and their budgets. Our goal is to be the best source of information, resources, and top-notch restoration services, and let our customers make up their own minds about what’s best for them and their buildings. We provide:

  • Complete, honest and accurate information, to help you make informed decisions about maintaining and preserving your historic homes or properties, and,

  • the best quality restoration products and services at the best possible prices.


Marc Bagala



Owner & President


Marc started his preservation journey thirty-five years ago, learning to make windows and doors energy efficient with Accurate Metal Interlocking Weatherstrip. Expanding on this nearly-lost trade, he picked the brains of every preservationist he could find, to learn everything he could about architectural preservation and historic windows and doors. Now, Marc likes to say, “I’ve never met a window I couldn’t restore”, and he feels very fortunate that so many people over the years have allowed him to restore their original windows. Marc realizes he cannot save all the windows in the world that need saving, so now he teaches others what he knows, vicariously preserving windows through them.

When not working in the shop, he loves fishing, and learning about and trying to understand the physical world around us. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Ann, and their two grown sons, and he’s planning a trans-continental rail trip in the near future.

Kate Dermody



Production Manager


When Kate moved to Maine in 2013, BWW was the first place she called to cultivate her growing passion for window restoration. 


After earning a degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Alfred University, Kate learned the window restoration trade at a shop in Boston. She has always loved historic buildings and feels lucky to be able to help preserve them. 


When Kate is not at the shop, she enjoys exploring Maine and playing board games with friends. Kate lives in Auburn with her partner, Tyler.




Administrative Coordinator


Rée is a NYC transplant and has been living in Maine for just over 20 years. Her vacations and getaways to Maine is what brought her up North permanently. Her love for the historical buildings from NYC to Portland, ME is what got her interest peaked on working for BWW. Her past work is in Finance, Administration, Real Estate and Human Resource. 


Rée sat on the Board of Directors for Maine Friends of Animals – Maine’s largest and leading animal protection organization based out of Falmouth, ME. She has been involved with various dog rescues (MetroMalts of NY and YTNR Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue) as well as reptile rescues throughout the Northeast. She was a host family for several years for the Fresh Air Fund based out of NYC as well as a representative here in Maine. She has also been a Big Sister for the Big Brother/Big Sister organization for many years. She is a graduate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC majoring in Forensics Psychology.


One of the best parts of her job is being able to see something broken down and weathered and being built back to its full glory as well as seeing the BWW folks taking pride in their work and hearing how happy our customers are with the work.


When Rée is not in the office, she enjoys target shooting, game nights, shopping at HomeGoods and hanging with her wife, friends, family and her pups.  

Anthony Clay Steele
Barry Cousins



Project Supervisor 


Clay is originally from Pensacola, Florida. He relocated to Maine from Atlanta, Georgia in 2013 with his family of four.


He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and has spent most of his career in the corrugated paper industry as a machine operator and supervisor. 


When not at the shop, he enjoys spending time with his family, biking, kayaking, and hiking. 



Master Woodworker


Barry has managed our millwork and fabrication since he joined the team in 2010. Barry worked as a building contractor for 10 years before honing his skills at a small woodworking shop specializing in architectural building components, reproduction homes, and custom furniture. He grew up in nearby Buxton and graduated from Bonny Eagle High School. Barry now lives in Gorham with his wife Christy on a gentleman’s farm, where he enjoys the life of a small farmer, caring for two horses (Stetson and Duchess), a dog (Boomer), and three cats (Rigley, Fenway and Camden). He is proud to have four grown children, all living locally, and six grandchildren.



Project Specialist


Paul grew up in Dublin, Ireland and has lived and worked in Maine for 34 years. He had worked in the Portland creative imaging profession for 28 years, for companies including Designtex, Portland Color and Portland Photographic’s, exploring the world of photographic and digital imaging for the architectural and design community, before returning to construction.

The Maine landscape was an immediate fit for him and it was an easy decision to settle here and raise his family in Southern Maine.


Over the years Paul developed a keen interest in Maine's historic homes and he is currently restoring an 1870 New England farmhouse in Biddeford with respect to it’s wonderful past.

Paul loves the wonderful architectural craftsmanship discovered on a daily basis in Maine’s old home stock and is delighted to be restoring windows and doors as a Project Supervisor at Bagala Window Works.

Kyle Jones

Window Technician


Kyle is known around the shop for his talent for glazing and his keen eye for problem solving.


He joined the team in 2014 after 15 years in the machine industry and 17 years as a glazer. Kyle appreciates both the level of skill and the variety of experience that his coworkers bring to the table.


He is originally from Maine and currently lives in Buxton.




Floor Manager & Window Technician 


Jenna's love of old homes began when she was little, living in Rochester, NY. She helped her family renovate and update their 1900's four square and became hooked.


She now lives in Westbrook with her family and spends much of her time renovating her 1901 home.


Project Supervisor


Anne is originally from Finland. Her internship in New York City for porcelain and ceramic restoration kept her traveling back to the U.S. for another 5 years. Finally, a move to Maine sparked a business of her own and she is still running it from her home studio in Buxton.


Now, she's venturing out into the world of preserving old windows here at BWW, and enjoys developing new skills with her like-minded & knowledgable co-workers.

The rest of her time she spends with her husband and dog either on boats, bird hunting in the Maine woods, or ice fishing on frozen lakes- one has to have a hobby for each season in Maine!





Window Technician

Junior Mukanza-Mbadia is of Angolan origin and since 2021, he has been here in Portland, ME. He loves technology and exact science. He is an electrician by trade. 


Since leaving his home country hoping to find peace, he has gone through Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and finally the United States. Furious, dejected by the realities of immigration. Today he is proud to work within the heritage preservation and with the restoration team that is Bagala Window Works. He feels lucky to be on the team with his limited English and no formal training but feels accepted anyway amongst his team members. He is proud to have been trained by each team member throughout the process; dismantling, repairing and installing windows and doors. He is proud to benefit from a new profession and for free, he asks that only the God of the universe bless us all.


In his personal time, he likes to stay at home taking care of his family and reading books to improve his English for his next step to go to Southern Maine Community College.



Window Technician & Woodworker

Mike grew up in Worcester, MA and relocated to Maine after splitting the last ten years across D.C., Tennessee, Boston, and Vermont.

Mike is a graduate of the George Washington University in Business Administration and Marketing and North Bennet Street School's Preservation Carpentry program. He has always been drawn to old homes and is inspired by restoring and preserving timeless craftsmanship.

Mike spends his time outside work with his dog, Roberta, and out adventuring in the woods.




Window Technician 

Aili moved from Boston MA a few years ago after completing her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. There she discovered a love for woodworking and sculpture. After moving to Maine, she sought a way to continue exploring this passion and found that BWW was the perfect fit.

When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her partner, Em, and dog, Thumper, exploring the outdoors.




Window Technician 

Chris grew up in Maine and attended college in Florida. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, and hanging out on boats.




Window Technician

Gin started their restoration journey with antique picture frames for their oil paintings in 2020. After receiving a BA in Fine Arts in Scotland, Gin found their home at Bagala Window Works after moving to Portland. 


They enjoy challenging themselves with new ways of craftsmanship and learning valuable skills from the diverse BWW team. 


After work you can find Gin haunting antique shops, writing at a local dive or prepping a canvas just to stare at it. 




Window Technician

Alex grew up in Midcoast Maine in the small town of Union. After high school, he moved to Portland in 2007.


In 2008, he joined the Operations team at the Cumberland County Civic Center. During his 10 years there, he worked hundreds of concerts and events, as well as drove the Zamboni for the Portland Pirates and the Maine Mariners.


Alex joined Bagala Window Works in 2023 as a Window Technician. He enjoys the diversity of the work and wonderful comradery of the team!


Outside of work, Alex enjoys spending time with his wife Fili and their dog Louie. He also enjoys camping, hiking and taking long drives in his classic Chevy truck. 

Meet Our Team



Window Technician 

Nate started their restoration journey working at BWW part time in 2018, and joined us full time in 2020. While born in Alabama, Nate was raised in Maine. They now live in Westbrook, after moving back to Maine from North Carolina in 2022.


When not at work, Nate enjoys spending time with their partner, Ronnie, their dog, Penny, and their 3 cats. They also enjoy organizing shows in Portland’s underground music scene, and cooking for friends and family.

Caitlin Teare.jpg



Window Technician 

Caitlin grew up in Yarmouth and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies and Government from Connecticut College in 2019. After discovering a passion for the historic built environment, she worked at the Massachusetts Historical Commission in Boston before pursuing a Masters in Historic Preservation at the University of Vermont. 

During a summer fellowship with Maine Preservation, Caitlin spent five weeks with BWW, learning the art of window restoration. She fell in love with the historic craft and returned to the shop as a window technician after completing her degree. She appreciates the intricacy of the trade and enjoys preserving the integrity of many of Maine’s most inspiring historic buildings. 

When not in the shop, Caitlin continues to feed her passion for preservation, compiling National Register Nominations and Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Applications.




Shop Dog

Hi! My name is Woody. I’m the owner’s pet and with that I get a lot of perks in the office and shop. I get to sniff out all craziness, figure new people out and drive our Admin Coordinator crazy with all this cuteness and for some yummy treats.


I come in on days that I am needed most
and I get right to work. I supervise the doggy toys laying around, I make sure the office knows of my presence and I am quite demanding in my needs and wants. I require a belly rub from certain co-workers and anyone who is willing to give me one. I like to clean up any areas that may have any crumbs laying around. No task is too small or big for me!


My job is easy and it’s to make people smile and laugh. The work is tough and demanding and I might require a raise or more treats here and there, but I love what I do. You might see me one day if you swing by. Ok back to work for me!

Carl Bagala



Weatherstrip Machinist


Carl has worked with us over the past 25 years while running his own business manufacturing lead bullets. In 2016, he joined the team full-time as a Project Supervisor. Carl enjoys sharing his knowledge of window restoration with customers while working on site.

In 2019, Carl started to take the reins of our weatherstrip division and now enjoys his days running the original 100+ year old weatherstrip machines.


In his free time, Carl enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and two daughters in Gorham.

Selina Chan



Community Outreach Coordinator


Selina originally joined the team in 2017 as the Administrative Coordinator. Her love of preserving pieces of history is what brought her into working with BWW. Whether it's preserving memories through taking photographs, or artifacts she found at an antique store, she loves being immersed in the rich depths of the past.


As of May 2022, Selina decided to pursue her side business of making dog accessories full-time, while remaining at BWW part-time as the newly formed Community Outreach Coordinator.


With her skills in marketing and photography, as well as her knowledge in window restoration, Selina will continue to share BWW's influence across the preservation community and beyond.


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