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Steam Stripper Details and Specifications


Steam Chamber
  • All stainless steel steam chamber

  • Two pull-out shelves for easy loading

  • Temperature gauge for thermal monitoring

  • Gasketed door with hold down latches for a water-tight seal

  • Sloped interior with center drain for moisture removal


Steam Generator
  • Large capacity steam generator for rapid heating

  • Quick steam and water connections for easy hook-up

  • Thermal sensor monitor maintains consistent temperature

  • Safety timer automatically turns off unattended steam generator


Steam Chamber
  • Overall dimensions: 76 1/4 x 47 x 13

  • Window Capacity: 74 x 44

  • Shipping Weight: approximately 500 lbs.


Steam Generator
  • Overal dimensions: 15 1/2 x 15 x 6

  • Power Requirements: 220V 24Amp


Download a Steam Stripper Brochure.

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