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The Steam Stripper


We are the innovator, manufacturer and sole distributor of the Steam Stripper, a quicker and safer way to remove lead based paints and asbestos-filled glazing compound from historic windows.



The Steam Stripper is an insulated, all stainless steel cabinet and chamber with an attached steam generator. The electric steam generator fills the chamber with hot steam and a thermal sensor maintains a constant temperature. Once the chamber reaches maximum temperature:

  1. Window sashes are loaded onto the two slide out shelves.

  2. The door is sealed.

  3. Steam fills the entire chamber, heating the sash on all sides.

  4. The steam softens glazing putty and paint making it easy to remove.

  5. Heat remaining in the wood quickly dries out the sash, making it ready for sanding, repairing, and painting in a matter of hours.

  • The Steam Stripper works within 30 minutes, softening rock hard glazing and all layers of paint in one cycle, whether it be one coat or twenty. Actually, the more coats the better.

  • With just a putty knife a window can be completely deglazed and stripped in one operation.

  • Glass breakage is  significantly reduced with a Steam Stripper.

  • The Steam Stripper completely eliminates the chemical residue and charred wood associated with other methods of paint removal.

  • Everyone restoring windows with the Steam Stripper breathes easier and works safer. Nearly all painted sashes from pre-1970 buildings are coated with paint that contains lead. Heat and mechanical methods of paint removal such as sanding and scraping release lead dust and fumes which can cause serious health problems for workers and building occupants. The Steam Stripper’s wet process controls this lead hazard.

  • The Steam Stripper eliminates the need for toxic chemical strippers, so workers are not subjected to their harmful effects. The workplace and environment are not contaminated with hazardous chemicals.

  •  The Steam Stripper dramatically reduces labor costs. Restoring windows can be time consuming and labor intensive. The Steam Stripper reduces stripping and deglazing times up to 75%. This single benefit can significantly change the way window restoration is approached and budgeted. With a Steam Stripper, contractors that shied away from window restoration or installed replacement units can now restore, strengthening and expanding their business capacity. For those already restoring windows, a Steam Stripper can make the difference between breaking even and making a profit.

Click here for more details and specifications.

Click here to see a video of the Steam Stripper in action.

Contact us for pricing, to purchase a Steam Stripper or for answers to your questions about the Steam Stripper.

Steam Stripper Demonstration


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